Spies Caught! Palestinian Activists Have Phones Spied on by Intelligence Agency, Report Says

The phones of several Palestinian aid workers were used to surf pornographic webpages and spy on their partners, rights groups said Sunday, citing documents and testimony from people who say they were in communication with the affected organizations.

The groups — Human Rights Watch, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Amnesty International — said the abuse by the organization, Pegasus, was uncovered by activists and news reports.

The reports and documents said Pegasus targets foreign diplomats, governments, opposition groups and activists, among others. They said the system was set up and operated by the military arm of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon denied the allegation in a statement, adding that Israel has no information on the matter and has no evidence that the phones in question were involved in espionage.

“Any allegations that the Israeli government spies on non-Israeli citizens are groundless and baseless,” Nahshon said.

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