Get Out of My Community If You Can’t Afford It! #HollywoodHills #condoConcerns

[qanda]This thread is about the Hollywood Hills. Click here to see full specs of my home.[/qanda]

I lived in the Hollywood Hills for 23 years and never liked it that much. I have somewhat gained a view over the adjacent community from my home. Today, only a couple of homes are within the main neighborhood along the canyon. The majority of the hills are developed now. I see very little (if any) concrete construction. Maybe in the future there will be but for now, to me, the hills are very beautiful, remote and special to me.

As to the condo speculation, I’m personally convinced that too many people are speculating in the growing price of the area because of the super-low interest rates of mortgage. Not only do they end up paying more for the loan but they are forced to purchase homes they can’t really afford, leading to lower property values.

I don’t know, personally, how the current city officials arrived at this turn of events but I don’t feel good about it.

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