High-flying pigs cause concern in Ohio

(WTNH) – Is pigs the answer to bird strikes? Officials at the South Boston Airport announced this week that they’re experimenting with pigs for their airport runway.

Officials say the first pigs were driven to the airport, but decided they were not ready to fly yet. The purpose of the trial is to see if pigs pose a nuisance problem for air traffic.

“We’re not going to disrupt the airline industry,” airport director Mike O’Sullivan told WCVB. “We’re not saying these are the type of animals that are suitable for our airports.”

“I think pigs are fit for flying and humans can be treated with food.” @NHPD_News just released this info on a #BearMysterious traveling from Ohio to Boston. pic.twitter.com/uZVrAWEeL9 — Nicole Stinson (@NicStinsonWCVB) January 8, 2019

“They’re a vegetarian.” Those are the last words heard by her near Columbus, OH where police say a large bear was heard panting and had to be corralled after it scared several people.

How is it different from “human” animals who can apparently cause just as much of a nuisance to airplanes?

“Pigs will not fly,” O’Sullivan told WCVB. “Even though they’re great to have around.”

For now, no pigs have taken flight.

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