Oscar nominee Octavia Spencer talks her childhood ghost and mom’s role in the show ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’

American actress Octavia Spencer said her Los Angeles home has a dark past, which includes the spirit of a notorious movie star, Variety reports. In a profile published on Sunday, Variety’s Carrie Goldberg brings up a subject familiar to many “Ghost Whisperer” and Oscar nominee Spencer — the movie star Taylor Van Dyke. The “Hollywood legend” killed himself when Spencer was just 9 years old. Spencer, who is one of the lead actresses in the upcoming film “The Shape of Water,” talked about how she tried to convince her dead father about the presence of Van Dyke, who had originally died in a plane crash in 1962. Her father, she said, “told me he was lying and he did not know.”

Spencer said the Van Dyke family lived across the street from her in Long Beach. But when she and her father visited the Van Dyke home a few years ago, she said, she saw what seemed to be Taylor’s ghost, marching from room to room. “I believe he is my protector,” Spencer said. “I didn’t wanna scream, he wouldn’t let me.”

Spencer said she had a great relationship with her father, Tony Spencer, who also gave the young Octavia life advice and guided her career. “We had breakfast every day,” she said.

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