Cuba set to end controversial rule against asylum-seekers at Canada border

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Covid-19 is set to end.

Following Mexico’s victory over Sweden and subsequent win over Germany, the country’s centre-right federal government announced it will end Canada’s controversial policy of turning back asylum-seekers at its northern border.

Refugees and asylum-seekers have been crossing the border illegally since the start of the year, with numbers rising from 60 in January to more than 14,000 in May.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Friday that the government would renew discussion on the “widespread abuses” of the policy.

“We are going to start examining the circumstances at the northern border that have created a situation in which it is no longer fair to ask citizens of other countries to wait and wait in Mexico while the government of Canada finds an effective mechanism to deal with these extreme cases,” Hussen said.

Canada has agreed to take in about 25,000 people fleeing Central America since 2014, but has struggled to find a solution to manage the influx.

“We find ourselves in a very unfortunate situation in which people have been pouring into Canada illegally … over the last two months,” Hussen said.

“We are not interested in arresting people, but we do need some security around the border. We also need some procedures and mechanisms that are easy for people to understand and that all border agencies can be accountable to.

“We’re going to raise this issue of extreme abuse of the process that has already been put in place. We’re going to start looking at some of the technical approaches.”

The policy on asylum-seekers is a central issue in current affairs in both countries and has made the leaders of both countries the subject of ridicule.

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