5 top summer book ideas for kids

Summer is a magical time for kids, and you can often find lots of games and activities they might like. It’s a great time to get your hands on great gifts that will last their whole summer holidays! A unique flavour for every child, here are five book ideas to choose from!

Citi Giggle-gi

10. Winter on Steroids

by Sonya Rubenking

You can make any type of fictional detective experience more realistic in this title, where a little boy has to solve crimes and work out how to fit it into his current lifestyle. Broken Christmas trees, hookah room and Christmas decorations can all feature as clues to unlock the mystery, and the result is a hilarious read.

Stop Him

by Peter James

A beautifully designed puzzle book which, despite being just 10 pages long, has a great backbone of new puzzles to solve. There are lots of spaces between the puzzle pieces, so there is plenty of room for the user to move between them, until it is time to make some headway. This book is great to give as a present to someone who has a good memory!

The Sinking of the Atlantis

by Sarah Swan-Jones

Let kids get in to the silly, daft, magical fun with this book. The underwater kingdom is hiding a powerful secret, and it needs to be found by the magician because it will harm their power. From the images in the book, it looks like things aren’t going to go well!

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