Travis Wall suspended as singer faces allegations of sexual misconduct

Former Run the Jewels collaborator suspended while music producer Danja is investigated for alleged sexual misconduct in alleged blackmail plot

Travis Wall, the architect of the music production and production group the Break the Floor dance company, is under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with a female employee. As a result of the investigation Wall has been suspended from the tour, with concert tickets being refunded and the group’s head of production Danja being investigated by Los Angeles police over allegations of blackmail.

On Friday lawyers for the Break the Floor production company said that Travis, who has been accused of abusing women, attempted to pay women $500,000 to keep quiet about the alleged crimes. According to the LA Times, one of the women involved in the attempt allegedly had her phone hacked.

While Travis is taking time off, Break the Floor – who create dance routines for a number of musicians including Beyoncé and Usher – are working with the state senator Connie Leyva to push for stronger sexual harassment laws in the state.

Douglas Lowenstein, the attorney for Travis, dismissed the latest allegations saying, “I’m not buying it for a minute. There’s no way Mr Wall did any of that.” He said that the incident was one of an “exaggerated, ridiculous” scenario. Lowenstein added that Travis has been offered $500,000 to leave the production company but he has refused.

Back in February 2018, Travis gave an interview to “Stylised”, in which he was asked to spell out some words, some of which are currently being interpreted as misogyny. “Bitch,” Travis said, “I put you all in a box. If you don’t want to be as solid as an A-I, fuck it.” “Prison,” he added.

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