What’s really important about Thursday’s Market Meltdown

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The waves for Barbados State Bank (BSB) are running over to sea, displacing some unhappy shareholders.

Your humble correspondent experienced a residential earthquake (no less) while in Barbados. He is, however, far from the only one experiencing lightening speed memory loss.

Remember when this was a glorious place for American executives to escape their annual Kool Aid party at Walmart? The BSB marks the tipping point into the frightening land of reverse expectations: younger arrivals are fearful of pensions being ripped off, lifetime service and the “carrot and stick” of patriotism, swiping some hard-earned cash from the bank while older folks dive under the bedboards. Remember when this was a merry-go-round (and not a roller coaster)?

One elegant object lesson: Be fearful and wait.


We watched the course of the stock market crash from a Caribbean beach holiday. In retrospect, we looked on the Caribbean as a safe haven … but now, alas, is not the time to look on the Caribbean as a safe haven … or, for that matter, any place for that matter. Not in a strange new world.

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