WATCH: Tanya Zuckerbrot, Functional Foods Council, on Heart-Healthy Diet

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We were all taught that eating healthier is important but what about eating a healthy diet?

FOX’s Matt Petrillo has the details in “Your Heart and Diet”:

Who says you can’t balance your diet?

Tanya Zuckerbrot with the Functional Foods Council breaks down a heart-healthy eating regimen:

(Zuckerbrot) “Eat a balance of 10 to 12 heart-healthy foods per day.”

Strawberries, apples, spinach, and green peas are all on the list, but don’t skip the carbs, which have no saturated fat. Milk, yogurt, and peanut butter are other great sources of carbohydrates.

Defining a heart-healthy diet includes balancing foods that promote good cholesterol and disease fighting enzymes, while downing foods like grass-fed beef and raw butter.

(Zuckerbrot) “Eating things that support the gut health of the body, like fermented foods and other probiotics, like gluten-free foods and fibre-rich foods. “

Dairy, whole grains, and eggs are also key.

If you’re overweight or out of shape, Zuckerbrot says to reconsider your diet.

Check out the complete list of the top 10 heart-healthy foods on her Facebook page.

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