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Welcome to our first of a new travel series, the stories of changing worlds, fascinating travelers and the adventures that lie ahead. This week, it’s the animal kingdom in the heart of a European country, Slovenia.

The animals of Slovenia are better known for their sleek gray-and-blue roadkill cars than for being little kings of the jungle.

A little piece of nature’s melting pot — Slovenia comprises half-Hungarian and half-Slavic identity as well as two different cultures — Slovenia boasts a sprawling landscape of rolling hills and dramatic mountain ranges.

The natural beauty doesn’t stop there, though, with Slovenians also famous for their hospitality, picking local vegetables in their own households and setting their own “rules” for fishing.


The small country nestled between Italy and Austria boasts numerous festivals throughout the year such as the Dubrovnik Carnival, Fat March and Regatta of the Danube.

While the Slovenians are not keen to speak of the long shadow of war that’s still being felt throughout their country, our primary interest in Slovenia is its rich wildlife.

The most famous Slovenian animal is the ibex — a rather a small bovine with a lot of pride about their looks, features and lifestyle.

Any trip to Slovenia is about the animals, but we have four very different species that you can explore, including the ten-toed newborn and juvenile dragon of Amdanzi and the 10-toed, eight-toothed sleeping dragon of Breptopus and Burc, as well as a red alligator that thrives in the Otok family of reptiles.

Awaiting you is a tale of discovery, adventure and adventure discovering.

Travel tips

With so many amazing wildlife encounters, travelers should be prepared to take risks when venturing off the beaten track. Be sure to always take two nights’ supply of mosquito netting and plenty of supplies in case you end up suffering from bites from the local beasts.

The country is famous for its fierce rivers, which are home to a lot of unique wildlife like white-tailed deer, waterfowl and herds of wild boar and wild goats.

With thick forests, limestone formations and wilderness, it’s not hard to believe that Slovenia is no mere European vacation destination, but part of the exotic biodiversity of the world.

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