Daily horoscope for Thursday, September 13, 2018

Cancerian wannabe Imperfect angel computer engineer at a major corporation. Feels like you have a vast amount of responsibility and are just pouring your heart and soul into everything that you do. Hasn’t quite found your calling yet. Perseverance. Single and looking for love! Moon in serially absent Pisces.

Leo Full Moon in Florida A fancy cocktail party for new friends. Catches your eye at the reception. Loves an amusing companion. Cheerleader for Florida politics, especially with NFL action. Catches the eye of new boss. Practical and dependable. Nice guy with “good head on his shoulders.” Caught halfway in. Single.

Virgo Full Moon in Shaky communication time out Oddly, you can’t talk for longer than a single sentence, and you aren’t sure what anyone was thinking. Your communications are also less than crisp and clear. Sit down in a theater and pretend to forget your lights and sound system.

Libra Full Moon in Scorpio Venus is delicious for indoor fun. The home and love lives are high priorities. Hints of new romance could surprise you. Fantastic reading material can lead to deep conversation. Don’t spread your wings too far away. Single.

Scorpio Full Moon in Leo Bonus Mars lights up your amazing universe. Three hundred words or less is a mere 5 percent of your word count today. Yoga classes sell out. Bingo’s and movie tickets pass the buck around. Venus in whirlwind deja vu becomes hyper-immediate conversation topics and ledes. Inky, sharp zodiac sign is logical, vibrant, and fun. Rarely bored. Single.

Sagittarius Full Moon in Leo Career opportunities come your way. Innovative ideas and inventions combine well in your scenario. You have the chance to tour Tokyo with your company’s owners. Tops. You want to be just a little more hungry — rich. Scorpio in a buffet mood. Sun is facing Earth for solar night. Expect that the food you are making or consuming will be popular. Single and looking for love!

Capricorn Moon in Sagittarius Love’s all in you. Partnerly interested others. They really mesh well in your life. Both sides are happily accepted and assist one another to protect the relationship from unnecessary conflict. Nine out of 10 opportunities will fail to materialize. Still a lot of fun. Together, you can make great things happen. Single and looking for love!

Aquarius Full Moon in Pisces Makes great plans to embark on a long-overdue trip. Travel buddy. Nontraditional travel partner. BFF could help you find a creative niche for your time in Italy. Travel site allows you to save time and money by waiting for the best deal. Love-at-first sight. Romance an update is on the way.

Pisces Full Moon in Leo Generous Venus in romance expands to make two strong personalities linked for a lifetime. Easy living and companionship show up like a big red bow on a drape. Love friendship between two friends. You will not miss a beat. Your nose does not run to your phone for background noise. Love in adventurous circumstances.

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