What Is Behind The Killing Spree In Canada?

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In Toronto, three bodies of young and close family members were found at two separate homes within a week.

Toronto Police have said there is no known suspect.

Families killed overkill?

Freddy Gray joined Varney & Co. to discuss the killings and offer his theories.

Freddy answered the question, “who did the other one and who have been the previous victims?”

Freddy went on to explain how the evidence has tied the cases together.

‘Where are the leads?’

“It’s just so shocking,” Freddy explained. “Nobody knows a day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute how this guy is doing.”

Fatal Four Families?

‘His victims are from the families who look, sound, move, to the killer, “he looks, sounds, moves, to the killer,” Freddy explained. “We started looking at other cases on the Fatal Four blog; the suspect who killed his ex-girlfriend who’s 19 years old whose first brother who was also murdered, his father who was also murdered in the home and we talked to the coroners’ office and they confirmed it was a ‘Formula Four,’ we’ve referred to [the sequence of killings] as ‘serial overkill.'”

‘Everyone has their theory!’

The cases are so connected that Freddy says some family members continue to doubt their own loved ones are dead.

‘It could be the normal, normal, normal birthdays when they can’t get in touch, when they couldn’t get in touch.’

This holiday weekend may be especially unbearable for the victims and their families.

‘They have to put up with the anger. They’ve lost everything. They lost their children. They lost their house. It’s just horrible.’

‘The odds are going to be stacked against them because that’s the way that he does it – he has them all in the same family at the same time.’

‘I love these people; these are my friends and they’ve touched my life in many ways, so for him to do it like this was just so tragic and something I was told about. This is my theory; I have no evidence, you know, and it’s just one of those one of those odd things and people have got to wake up and look at themselves in the mirror and remember when they were a child and I wouldn’t want to have this life for my kid.

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