Supermodel Gisele Bundchen rescues sea turtle on New Jersey beach

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen rescued a sea turtle that became stranded and unable to move due to the effects of global warming on an Atlantic ocean beach in New Jersey.

Bundchen and her friend, photographer and film director Ellen von Unwerth, witnessed the beachgoer carrying the turtle on his shoulders while hiking on a New Jersey beach in August.

“It was very important that we come and help this turtle because the turtles are on the run, their nesting grounds have melted,” Bundchen told People magazine.

“What was really special was to see something so vulnerable and beautiful, with its beautiful eyes as they were seeing the sun, and to know that they were going to migrate in a couple of weeks, which is such a beautiful moment to watch it happen on Earth,” she added.

In a new video, released on Monday, Bundchen is seen carrying the turtle as she helps it wade out of the ocean.

“I felt relieved, and I didn’t know what else to do, but I also felt like, I can’t imagine having to face this experience yourself, in the same place where you rescued this turtle,” she added.

The turtle eventually made its way back to the ocean as Bundchen laid out sticks to help it until it was able to swim away.

“When I arrived, I was a little worried how he was going to feel after being saved because he was a little shellhead,” she said. “He was happy to see us, and it was beautiful to see what a little vulnerable creature that we are.”

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