Gucci on Bloomberg: ‘House of Gucci’ is ‘unwise, damaging’

Get your pitchforks ready, Guys, you’re asking the wrong person.

The Gucci PR team was not pleased with Bloomberg’s account of Art Basel Miami Beach and Gucci’s reported arrival on Friday, December 7, 2015.

In a statement that TMZ reported Gucci issued to its member of staff: “‘House of Gucci’ and its further misappropriation of brand characters is misguided and damaging,” the statement reads. “‘House of Gucci’ specifically speaks ill of the brand. This farce and illegal appropriation in no way benefits the Gucci brand.”

The statement goes on to cite the recent back and forth between Chanel and Travolta over a similar theme, which it calls an “unfortunate misunderstanding.”

Gucci then called on Bloomberg to “make amends” and issue an apology, warning that it would seek legal action “if necessary.”

“Gucci is a luxury brand with artistic integrity,” the statement reads. “We need only consider the great response from our valued customers all over the world when we choose not to sell a piece of fabric to someone whom doesn’t respect our brand.”

The news organization has not yet commented.

Read the full story at TMZ.


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