Honduras presidential election: Who is Salvador Nasralla?

Written by Staff Writer by Katie Tzuzu, CNN

The frontrunner in Honduras’ presidential election has surged ahead in the latest polls with a leftist opposition politician gaining momentum.

In the event of a victory for Salvador Nasralla, who is set to be Honduras’ first female president, the next U.S. president would face an ally of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Tegucigalpa.

Nasralla is running on a populist campaign that he touts as fighting inequality and greed.

If elected, he pledged to overturn Honduras’ nearly 20-year-old constitutional ban on presidential term limits. He is poised to enjoy a strong lead over candidate Enrique Capriles, who has run a more business-friendly campaign.

Click play below to see full campaign debate featuring candidate Salvador Nasralla of the Libre Party

The presidential election is meant to be held next weekend, but allegations of voter fraud have forced authorities to postpone it indefinitely.

The country has been roiled by protests since June 29, when the Supreme Court declared the recall referendum process illegal and ousted President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who won the presidency in 2013.

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