Kamala Harris 2018: Inside her Senate campaign

You would think the senior adviser-counsellor-strategist positions would be difficult for an expected presidential candidate to fill in 2020.

Then again, you might not expect former Washington state Attorney General Kamala Harris to struggle when it comes to finding them – least of all as she gears up for a potential White House run.

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The 68-year-old, who in 2014 became the first woman and first Indian-American elected to a US Senate, is mulling a 2020 run, with Democrats likely to seek to beat presumptive Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in the presidential election a year from now.

But it appears, at least in part, that it is her popularity among popular and influential Democrats that is making her staffing trouble.

Nearly 200 current and former associates and associates have recently announced plans to resign from her Washington-based organisation The Senate, making it unclear just how many senior roles will remain after she leaves office in early January.

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It’s believed that many of her aides are looking to exit as they believe the Senator is seriously considering a run for the White House.

There has been some confusion over how long the campaign organization has to recruit new staff before it would need to put in place a separate organisation to run that campaign.

It’s unclear when Ms Harris has made a decision on a White House run. For the meantime, any potential staff decisions, or their ripple effects, will remain unwritten in her organisation.

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