City of Copenhagen’s iconic rail cars get a redo

The iconic cylindrical metro cars that have graced the Northern European city of Copenhagen for over 200 years are getting a facelift that is sure to be a sight to behold. In a short video, the Norwegian architects noSTS Architects unveil a futuristic new version, integrating movements that seem suited to the post-apocalyptic style of the clip’s production: intentional friction, similar to the splashing of a snow storm; stark green, creating an eerie feel; and what looks to be a circular tail of dew, suggesting the fog that the design seeks to create.

The 11-minute-long video is titled “Island Metro,” and features iconic scenes from the city, such as the ferry bridge to the island of Funen, and its harbor. NoSTS-designed train cars are seen riding on the bridge during the middle of the video. Apparently, the Metros wouldn’t fit at all on an existing city subway line, and will likely be the first brand new metro cars in Norway in years.

Most Metros are very similar in shape, making it challenging to shift over to other design elements. They also have a hard time navigating a two-way system. It will be interesting to see how NoSTS’ innovative and futuristic design changes the entire Metro system.

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