William and Harry will have a tea party while raising money for childhood cancer

Want a look at the bromance between Prince William and Prince Harry? They’ll be yukking it up over a drink in a cozy event during a visit to Wales this fall, the Associated Press reported this week.

Both William and Harry — who spent much of their childhood with William in London’s Kensington Palace and started dating each other in 2004 — will be raising funds for their charity Childhood Cancer UK while in the British coalfields.

William and Harry are captains of the Wales national rugby team; the AP notes that the charity’s “events are always high-profile, but this year they’re going to be raising money by hosting what’s being billed as a more intimate gathering in the hometown of Wales’ favorite rugby team, the Scarlets.”

More than 11,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2013, the AP notes, and the charity has raised “more than [$2.5 million] for more than 150 patients.” Expect to hear a fair amount of rugby in conversation, too.

The pair will visit sites in Wrexham, Cardiff and other Welsh towns and towns and cities over a week. The visit is William’s first to Wales.

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