5 small-scale celebrations to have with less than 50 guests

Written by by Sara Moore, CNN

There’s a reason Instagram is so popular — posts of wedding ceremonies in or near the Magic Kingdom or parties in your shadow of Disney World have a way of making your friends and loved ones jealous.

Or, if you’re Beyonce and Jay-Z, that envy is cause for feeling pleased — at your friends’ family-sized ceremonies.

Florida wedding license locations offer quaint, small-scale ceremonies. Photographer SOTHEBY’S sought a wedding venue in Belle Isle, Florida and found a stunning one: Camelot Custom Wedding Venue

If you’re going big — and your guests are big (and your neighbors won’t mind), by all means spend more to make your big day a memorable one. However, if you’re just a bride and groom, and you’re really, really big, life is much simpler. Here are five ways to create fun and unique family functions with small numbers of friends.

Secreta de Habla (Secret garden wedding)

For a small wedding, invite only families and close friends to a castle-themed wedding in the hills of Cuba.

Photographer Dan Hermann, who runs the Long Island City, New York-based blog The Real Cost of Long-Lasting Love , notes that a pal of his that wasn’t invited to this her wedding celebrated it by planning to make the party instead.

“He spent several months researching tourist spots in Cuba and planning his own version of a Cuban wedding, since his friend wasn’t really having a formal marriage ceremony at all,” Hermann says.

Elegant Bee

What bride wouldn’t want that sweet morning call from her fiancé filled with heart sounds while she woke up on their favorite day of the year?

“Your wedding day should definitely be a special time with the ones you love,” says Andy Michaelson, owner of Brooklyn-based eco-friendly, vegan food supplier ZenKoo. “The morning call from your fiancé at 5 a.m. should be the most joyful moment of your day.”

To make it even more special, Michaelson recommends the New York City-based (and second home) Jelly Bean Waffles , whose founder Marco Adames is on Yelp’s list of top 20 New York City restaurants to dine with friends.

The New York City outpost boasts a breakfast menu, decor that includes tasty treats and DJs who make the perfect way to brighten your day and a seating policy for guests of 10 or fewer

The bride, Danielle Moro , is also a professional drag queen — and you can chow down with her at Dream Farm , a farm and restaurant in the Catskills where she’s in residence as a bon vivant and yoga instructor

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