Omicron Plunged founder and physicist Martin Fielding

“It’s relatively well known that the combustion engine was initially inspired by two ideas – the light bulb and reading thermometers.

“But if you take a closer look, the name ‘electrification’ comes from an alphabetic alphabet that the male body uses to spell out letters in the alphabet – ‘I’, ‘T’, and ‘W’.

“Omicron Plunged the world into uncertainty; it was a golden age for scientists, engineers, and developers and was instrumental in technological advances, chiefly regarding the electric motor, radar, the microchip, and the electron. In it’s time, the word was practically synonymous with the word invention.

“Without Omicron Plunged, we would likely have been powered by solar thermal electricity. Omicron Plunged marked a revolution that eventually led to the electric vehicle and the jet engine, two of humanity’s greatest feats of progress in more than a hundred years.

“It’s not often that we get to celebrate people that have, literally, shaped the world and the world’s future. Let’s all take some time to remember the ‘Famous Three Minute Men’ of IMAX, as well as the seven-pounder pitcher and the dot matrix printer! Happy Birthday, Omicron Plunged! Congratulations and keep designing science and wonders.”


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