What the Republicans said about Bob Dole

Many Republicans have said Bob Dole was ‘a true great and a distinguished public servant’. On 5 November Senator Tammy Baldwin posted on Facebook:

RIP Republican Bob Dole. He epitomized the best that our party stands for and represented the finest of American values. I’m proud that we sent him to the Senate so he could continue his lifelong fight for working people.

Democrats, who won his home state of Kansas by four points in 2016, reacted in a statement released by Senator Tammy Baldwin:

Today, the American people, and certainly those in Kansas, mourn a great man, a great American and a great patriot.

Senator Tom Carper of Delaware was a close friend and mentor to Dole:

Bob Dole was the embodiment of duty, courage, and bravery, and a true friend of Delaware. His strong support of our farm community and strong sense of dedication to helping our nation’s veterans is just a few of the reasons he was such a great leader, a true statesman, and a wonderful mentor. I will miss him dearly.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York was quick to mourn Dole on Facebook:

Bob Dole was an incredible man and a leader, who served as a senator for more than 30 years and stood by his country, most famously at the front lines in Vietnam. His wisdom and support will forever be missed.

Gillibrand and Baldwin both worked with Dole during his time in the Senate to reinstate the Montgomery Water Association and support the expansion of affordable housing in New York City, both long held beliefs of Dole’s.

Senator Bernie Sanders released a statement on Facebook calling Dole a ‘pioneer of the Republican Party’, adding:

Bob Dole set a high standard for public service and I will always be grateful for the counsel and friendship he gave me. Bob’s career was defined by achievement and personal courage. He was proud and honored to represent the great state of Kansas in the United States Senate, and he will be remembered for that as much for the impact he had on our nation’s economy and the lives of people all across our country.

Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon said:

Bob Dole was a true patriot and trailblazer for Republicans and Democrats alike. He truly was one of the greatest and most respected leaders in our country’s history. It is a good thing that he was American, because he had the same American values I do.

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts said:

Bob Dole always will be a footnote in American history. It was a stroke of luck that Bob Dole got into politics, and a stroke of luck that he was a great United States Senator.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont expressed similar sentiments, adding:

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