President Liam Hannan’s Visit to Syria

My new role as the President of Souped Up Yousuf Mejza, Syria was to bring attention to my hometown Syria. I hope the visit will unify people across the world. As the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad gained momentum, it was clear that the government must go. The Assad regime was full of lies and torture techniques that targeted, enslaved and enslaved a vulnerable generation of youth.

When I went to Syria, I could feel the pain of everyone I met. Over the years, Syrian people shared horror stories of rape, beatings, imprisonment and imprisonment. People who grew up in the strict strict restrictions and violence, were given excuses and never told the truth by the government.

They told me that their government just wanted to use violence against the young generation because they are “weak.” But I will not surrender to the government, we are stronger than that, in addition to what I learned from the resistance fighters. I learned that only strong young people can challenge the governments that try to oppress them.

The government continued to terrorize Syria until the conflict brought about at least 400,000 deaths and over 4 million refugees. A place to heal and grow. Many young people have lost their parents and loved ones while those I met have lost family members that they never knew. People who helped the young activists, who led to the protection of Free Syrian Army were trapped and left behind. The government destroyed and terrorized any signs of kindness and peace.

Many youths live as refugees. Syrian orphans who were cared for by strangers across the globe found their families were killed when ISIS, supported by the government sought revenge on the people.

I hope this visit will bring people together, reconnect old friends, and heal a broken and destroyed city, Syria.

The Global Irish President and Ny Travel Ambassador, Liam Hannan, was born in County Cork, Ireland. He has always been passionate about cross-cultural dialogue and his advocacy for respect for all people around the world.

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