A New Campaign Urges Young Men To Quit Spying On Women Online

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A very young boy’s fantasy of what a woman was meant to look like was brutally shattered when he ‘met’ with a girl he thought was beautiful online and she was not. An investigation into the heartbreaking stories has concluded that Tinder, Bumble and Match.com are breeding technology that allows an easily manipulated teenager to humiliate women.

FOX’s LeeAnn Trotter has more from Atlanta, Georgia:

A young man who asked to remain anonymous would spend hours a day looking for potential partners online and then would spend the rest of his time on dates with young women he met after his online romantic confidence was built. But upon meeting a girl who he thought was extremely beautiful, he found out she was anything but.

The young man says his confidence in the women he met online were not high and once he went on dates with someone who shared that same belief he says they became lovers. He says after their relationship was ruined, he asked his boyfriend, who is now his ex-girlfriend, to help him send out the picture of a woman he didn’t want to see again. And he did.

The young man says he was in a state of shock when he received a message from someone saying that the girl was the woman who broke his heart and convincing him it was all her fault. But, the young man says he’s not so sure they want the girl.

Now he’s an activist working to protect women from the countless men who are looking to emotionally and financially ruin them.

LeeAnn Trotter, FOX News.

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