Woman who rescued husband from crash uses photo for Thanksgiving

Image copyright Ellen Wainwright Image caption Ellen Wainwright, of Wiltshire, is giving her husband Bobby permission to use this photo taken on Thanksgiving.

A British woman who rescued her husband from a scary situation in a car crash has revealed a photo of their Thanksgiving feast.

The photo shows Ellen Wainwright, from Wiltshire, posing with one her husband’s wedding bands.

Mr Wainwright, who works as a mental health nurse, said he almost died after crashing his pick-up truck into the parked car.

Ellen is just letting him have the photo as a reminder of what happened that day.

“I was out at a friend’s home and told her I was going to do something silly,” said Ms Wainwright.

“She said ‘that doesn’t sound like you, you always do things with solemnity, did you just break up with your fiancé?’ I was listening, I wasn’t thinking.

“But my mum texts me the next day, telling me ‘you were at the crash and you rescued him’, and I was like: ‘Really?’ “

Mr Wainwright said his wife, who worked as a nurse for emergency services during the week, had been woken from a nap with a call about the accident.

He said he was meant to be at home that night, working after returning from a nine-day trip with his brother, and had forgotten his phone.

He said he was feeling ill when the accident happened, and that he only “thought he’d broken ribs or something, not that much”, but he passed out before anyone noticed there was a serious crash.

He said the crash “scared the life out of me”, saying he was in very bad shape, “unconscious, like he had been knocked out” and had no idea what had happened.

Image copyright Ellen Wainwright Image caption Bobby Wainwright said his wife’s reaction was “selfless” and he wanted to thank her

“It felt like it had all gone grey,” said Mr Wainwright.

His wife then carried him outside and waited for an ambulance, including helping him regain consciousness after it came to take him to hospital.

“I really don’t know what I’d have done without her,” he said.

“She’s a great big egghead of a person who knows her stuff and in a world where there are such selfish people, she’s the perfect one.”

The next day, he was taken to hospital for his injuries, including broken ribs, and by chance, she also had broken ribs.

“But she was running around with bruises on her body, just running to make sure Bobby was taken to hospital,” he said.

Image copyright Ellen Wainwright Image caption He also said he wanted to thank his wife and explain to her how much she helped him in hospital

The couple married eight years ago, and got through the incident without serious injury.

Mr Wainwright said he had since decided to get divorced and moved on with his life, and in October, they renewed their wedding vows.

Ellen said she wanted to get a photo of their meal, which included roast beef, potatoes, cabbage, ham, carrots, apples, pumpkin and carrots, just to remind her husband how lucky he was to have her.

“He’s incredibly grateful to be married to me and I’m incredibly grateful to him,” she said.

“But I want to go to hospital every time to look at that photo to see him. I hope one day he’ll thank me.”

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